How To Use Maharishi Veda App

Getting Started with Maharishi Veda App

Play Audio

From the main list menu, simply tap the desired row of audio options including, Rain Melody, Vedic Recitations, and Sama Veda. Then select the desired audio track to begin playing. Make sure to tap on the row/name of any audio track (and not the icon on the right side) to start playing/streaming the audio track. You may use the pause/play button and volume sliders to control the playback to meet your needs. Tap the back button to stop playback and select another video or audio track.

Play Audio in Device Sleep Mode

Once you have started playing an audio file, simply tap your device's sleep/wake button to allow the audio to continue playing as your device sleeps. Similarly, you may tap the Home button to leave the app and have the audio continue to play in the background. Please note, once the audio is playing, if you tap the back button, the audio will stop.

Find Newly Released Content and/or App Features

From the main list menu, you will notice an image at the top of the screen listing popular, new content, or new features. Simply swipe this area to reveal the four slider options and tap on any item that you would like to explore further.

How to Listen to Gandharva Veda

Play Gandharva Veda

From the main list menu, simply tap the row titled "Gandharva Veda 24/7 Music" and your app will automatically select the correct audio track for your specific time of day and time zone. On most occasions you will be joining Gandharva Veda already in progress, which ensures you are listening to the correct melody for the exact time of day. You may use the play/pause button and volume sliders to control the playback to meet your needs.

Select Preferred Instrument

(Updated May 2017: Now Available on Android & Apple)

Once you have tapped on Gandharva Veda from the main list, you will be presented with a list of instrument options. Simply select the instrument you prefer by tapping on the row/name (left side of the screen). The correct Gandharva Veda audio in your time zone will then automatically begin playing.

Select Preferred Raga

(Updated May 2017: Now Available on Android & Apple)

Once you have selected a Gandharva Veda instrument and it has started playing, you will see a three-dot icon (bottom right) than when tapped, will present a list of possible Ragas that are available for that time period using that instrument. Simply tap the Raga recording you prefer and your Gandharva Veda will switch to the selected Raga.

How to Download an Audio Track for Offline Listening

(Updated May 2017: Now Available on Android & Apple)

Download for Offline Play

Simply tap the cloud+arrow icon (right side of the screen) next to any audio to download it to your device. The cloud+arrow icon will change to a spinning circle indicating the file is being downloaded. When finished, you will see a three-dot icon next to the downloaded track. This audio is now stored on your device, and you can play it even if you're not connected to WiFi or cellular data.

Offline Play

Just like streaming online, tap on the row/name of the audio (left side of the screen) to start playing/streaming an audio track that has been downloaded (downloaded audio will have a three-dot icon next to it). Your device will play the stored file instead of requesting the audio to be streamed. If a file has not been downloaded (audio with a cloud+arrow icon) and your device is not online, then the audio will simply not start playing.

Remove Downloaded Audio

To remove a downloaded audio file, simply tap on the three-dot icon (right side of the screen) and confirm that you would like to remove the file. That's it. To remove all downloaded files at once, from the main list menu, tap the settings icon (top right) and tap the "Clear All Cached Files" button. All stored audio will then be deleted, freeing up more space on your device.

How To Set Audio To Stop Automatically (Apple Only)

Set Audio to Stop Automatically

While playing an audio track, simply tap the timer icon (bottom left) and you will be presented with some preset auto-off options (15 min, 30 min, and 60 min). Tap the preferred time to turn off playback and your timer will start. Once started you will see the live countdown displayed below that activated timer icon. To cancel, change the time, or start over, simply tap the icon again and select the desired option

Use Settings

(Updated May 2017: Now Available on Android & Apple)

Get the Most out of Your App with Settings

From the main list menu, you will notice a settings icon (top right). Tap the icon to reveal a list of actions and knowledge that is available to you. Knowledge includes: Listening Recommendations and FAQs. Actions include: Customer Support, Manage Subscription, and Clear All Cached Files. One additional setting that may be useful is to restrict using cellular data for streaming content. This can be found within your devices operating system. In iOS, open Settings, Cellular, and scroll down to find the Maharishi Veda App switch. Switch it on to allow the app to use cellular data and off to block access and avoid unwanted data charges. In Android, open Settings and tap Data usage. Scroll down to view a list of your Android apps sorted by data usage. Find the Maharishi Veda App and select Restrict App Background data to block access and help avoid unwanted data charges.